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Why Do People Dislike Vegans?

by Subal Charla |  | 2 comments

  1. Pseudo-morality: I think that many people dislike vegetarians, and even more, vegans, because they think that vegetarians think of themselves as morally superior to meat-eating people preaching and accusing others of being immoral; vegans are swiftly labelled activists or vigilante.
  2. Inconvenience: They find preparing and accommodating the dietary needs of a vegan friend or family member annoying or inconvenient. The thought of picking places to eat based on the availability of vegan options confounds them.
  3.  Fear: They suspect spending time with a vegan might alter their own dietary choices inducing acute fear in them about giving up their favourite food.

  4. Taste: They have strong personal beliefs about enjoying food, and they see being a vegetarian or vegan as a restriction to something beautiful or something that should be enjoyable.
  5. Unhealthy:They think the vegan diet is unhealthy for it being devoid of animal protein dismissing their vegan friends’ ill-informed propaganda.

Comments (2)

  • Aimee on October 17, 2016

    theres so much negative connotation surrounding the word “vegan”. Simarly to the word “feminist”. Neither of these words should be looked down upon or judged. For a while I was almost embaressed to say I was “vegan” because it would always be met up with an eye roll or a sigh. Why should it? I understand that if I was to go out for food with a friend I’d have to make sure it was ‘vegan friendly’ which can be very difficult but that then raises the question of “why are restaurants not meeting the needs of vegans?” So many restaurants have a veggie options which usual contain dairy. Veganism is becoming more and more popular which means that people need to start accepting it. And that’s what it comes down to really, accepting people for what they are BECAUSE they are different and unique. Being vegan is a positive thing. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve decided to follow in the same way that some choose to be veggie, pescatarian or even eat meat (if you are going to eat animal products please make sure it’s free range/organic/from a happy farm, we want to keep the animals happy after all). Just spread the love kids and look after our world x

  • Anonynous on October 13, 2016

    Many people are opposed to veganism and often shut it down very quickly as it makes them have to look at and accept their own bad habits , and know deep down they know killing and harming animals is very wrong , they would rather chose the easy option and turn a blind eye without having to feel judged for it by others of themselves therefore they put their hatred etc into vegans

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