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Why are most of our bags black?

by Christine Golingho |

We believe the colour black might solve of fashion's sustainability problems. Here's why:

1.) Trend forecasting is difficult

Designers need to use consumer insights and cultural trends to figure out next season’s colour. This combines art and complex science but isn’t accurate very often

2.) Factories have minimums

Almost all factories have an MOQ (minimum order quantity). This is volume of business the brand needs to give the factory in order for them to make their collection. This can run into the thousands of yards. If you choose a special colour, be prepared that you have thought through your decision.

3.) Cost per Wear

While purchasing, the psychology of customers is to think of cost per wear or value for money. They are making split-second decisions on how a product will fit the rest of their wardrobe. Black is the most versatile colour

4.) Black is the bestseller

Having previously sold grey, pink, burgundy, green, blue, we have seen across all our categories, backpacks, crossbody bags, waist bags, etc that black was the best seller. By focusing on a few colours, we are able to reduce wastage.

In conclusion, black might not be the most creative colour but it keeps our business financially and environmentally sustainable



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