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Why a backpack is better than a handbag as a diaper bag?

by Ces D. |  | 1 comment

1.) Your hands are free: There seems to be no end to the list of things mothers need to carry; push; tug; pull; wipe; and any other synonym of torture. To a hold a twee handbag with one of the two hands you have is the last thing, you should need to worry. A backpack does the job in a fuss-free manner without bothering anyone.


2.) It’s better for your posture: Unlike a handbag which sits on shoulder leading to soreness, a backpack distributes the load equally. If designed-well, it follow the natural curves in our middle and lower back and not causing irritation to the spine joints and rib cage.


3.) Rugged design: Backpacks are made with strong materials such as woven polyester or nylon which means that a backpack is robust in construction and in most cases are waterproof. As a bonus, you can always pass over the backpack to the hubby, who I am assuming wouldn’t be in a rush to carry a pink handbag with bunnies on it.


4.) More spacious: A good-sized backpack tends to be upwards of 20 litres in capacity which means it is far more capable of a handbag at stuffing it with all the baby’s essentials such as diapers (soiled or otherwise); wipes; spare clothes; creams; snacks; feeding bottles; and mummy stuff.

Comments (1)

  • Janice on February 25, 2018

    Where csn I purchase this bag and how much are they

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