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Travelling as a Couple

by Ces D. |

Travelling as a couple can make or break a relationship. For many it can bring you closer, or for some it can completely tear your relationship apart. Here’s a list of 5 things to consider whilst planning and taking your vacay as a couple.


1.) Set up expectations

Once you decide on a destination, both of you might have very different lists of things-to-do. She might a long list of museums and spas that she’d like to visit. He might have no interest in museums (I second that) and might want to relax on the beach while getting an oil massage.


2.) Budget

It is useful to think about your travel expenses under the categories of transport, hotel, food, and activities. Have an honest conversation on what is the maximum you are willing to spend on each of these. 


3.) Personal Space

Personal space is a necessity, not a luxury. Being with your partner is great, but neither side should feel the need to be “joined at the hip,” either. Set aside some time when you will be by yourself so if he’s chilling by the pool, you could go out shopping for some local handicrafts.


4.) Divide up responsibilities

Splitting up the responsibilities of travel has many benefits. You can save a lot of time and frustration if you assign planning jobs when organising your onward travel. For example, instead of both looking for accommodation, one person can be finding accommodation while the other can be figuring out transport. This in turn can save time and reduce conflict and stress. By splitting up the workload, you each have a single focus rather than trying to cope with everything at once.


5.) Keep the romance alive

Finally, let it out and laugh with your significant other. Don't jam-pack your days with anything and everything the city has to offer. Leave time to relax and make sure you have plenty of energy for the twilight hours. (Did someone say sex?)


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