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What should be in your travel bag

by Ces D. |  | 1 comment

1.) Headphones: Do you know why airlines give us special double stereo jacks on our headphones? Because they fear we will steal them if they were of standard compatibility. If you do not want to be saddled with horrendous plastic headphone with limp mesh hanging on for dear life, please bring your own headphones. And if they are noise-cancelling capable of drowning out that crying symphony sat in 47C.


2.) iPad: If the word "in-flight entertainment" means furiously tapping a scruffy and bruised touchscreen just catch to season 5 of the Big Bang Theory (again), please bring your own reading material.   


3.) Neck Pillow: The lovechild of a beanbag and the arms of a koala bear, the neck pillow has received much disdain from pretty much everybody including George Clooney (Up in the Air), but you will be patting yourself on the back when you see the insipid Weetabix of a pillow given by your carrier. 


4.) Hand Sanitizer: There's no better way to test your body's immune system than by subjecting it to air travel. With all those enclosed spaces, recirculated air and non-stop streams of people, airports and planes are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. If copious amounts of Vitamin C don't do the trick, carrying a bucketload (though still below 100 mL) of hand sanitizer can't hurt. 


5.) Chewing Gum: It's no secret that change in air pressure causes blockage in your ears. So to avoid the tell-me-I-am-not-going-deaf feeling chew a hard candy or gum especially during the ascent and descent of the aircraft. 


6.) Travel Bag: Full disclosure, we make some of the best travel bags in the game but if you do decide to buy from the one of the good guys across the street, please pick up one that's waterproof; comfortable shoulder straps; and has ample storage for all of the above and more. 


Comments (1)

  • Can.Latimer on July 04, 2018

    Wallet, currency and pharmaceutical supplies… and water just maybe?

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