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Posts tagged: travel

5 tourist traps you should avoid in Italy

by Ces D. |

1.) Gondola in Venice Instead of hopping of board with a cheesy  gondolier (singing is extra money),  take a much cheaper traghetto, which is basically just a less frilly gondola that locals use to get across the canals....

5 hacks to travel light

by Ces D. |

1.) Use a small bag: Ever heard that old saying: “to eat less, get a smaller plate”? In the realm of efficient travel packing, the first step is to carry a small bag. The compact size of the bag will act as a natural constraint on the stuff you can carry making you deeply think about every item each...

What should be in your travel bag

by Ces D. |  | 1 comment

1.) Headphones: Do you know why airlines give us special double stereo jacks on our headphones? Because they fear we will steal them if they were of standard compatibility. If you do not want to be saddled with horrendous plastic headphone with limp mesh hanging on for dear life, please bring your own headphones. And if they are noise-cancelling capable...

Travelling as a Couple

by Ces D. |

Travelling as a couple can make or break a relationship. For many it can bring you closer, or for some it can completely tear your relationship apart. Here’s a list of 5 things to consider whilst planning and taking your vacay as a couple.   1.) Set up expectations Once you decide on a destination, both of...

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