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5 Myths about Yoga

by Christine Golingho |

1.) Yoga is a stretching class

“I’m not flexible enough for yoga!”, is an excuse you may have used in the past to brush off an invite to practice, but in reality it is strength that you’ll need to see a session through to the end


2.) All yogis are vegan

Doing yoga and being vegan do not have to go hand in hand. Many people who practice yoga also practice the idea of ahimsa, which essentially translates to living a life free from violence – but as with all things yogic this is open to interpretation and you should always do what feels right for you


3.) Guys don’t really do yoga

 If you go back to yoga’s humble beginnings in India, it was almost exclusively a men's activity. Only since the westernisation of yoga has it become a trendy and occasionally female-dominated pursuit. There have been countless stories over the last few years about players in the Premier League and NBA introducing their athletes to yoga because it makes them more effective performers and balanced individuals


4.) Yogis are all ‘energy’ people

Not all yogis are hippy-dippy, woo-woo, tree-hugging flower children who care more about balancing their chakras than their bank account. Most yogis are firmly planted in the real world and won’t bore you to tears with a bunch of talk about the colour of your aura


5.)  If you’re not “good” at yoga, you have no business being there

Were you immediately able to bench 300 when you picked up your first dumbbell? Did you hit a grand slam the first time you picked up a bat? The point of it is simply to clear your mind, listen to your body, and remove yourself completely from those competitive tendencies. Simply focus on building up the courage to show up to class, even if you know you’ll look like a fool


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