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5 hacks to travel light

by Ces D. |

1.) Use a small bag: Ever heard that old saying: “to eat less, get a smaller plate”? In the realm of efficient travel packing, the first step is to carry a small bag. The compact size of the bag will act as a natural constraint on the stuff you can carry making you deeply think about every item each item you carry.


2.) Pack only 2 pairs of shoes: Travel is no place to go matchy-matchy with your outfits and shoes. Carry at most two pairs of comfortable shoes suitable for walking. Wear the heavier pair on the flight to free up more space in the bag.


3.) 1 pair of jeans is enough: Word from the CEO at Levi’s, Chip Bergh is that “you should never wash jeans”. These words are the stuff of a frugal traveller’s dreams or a frat boy’s lazy fantasy come true.


4.) Don’t carry toiletries: You probably don’t want to hear this but you can’t carry all your beauty products on your holiday. Most hotels provide you with basics such as shampoo, shower gel or soap.


5.) Wash your clothes while you’re away: I get it, you’re on a holiday and think that you left your laundry woes back home. But washing clothes needn’t be difficult; just soak your clothes in the sink while you shower. Trust me, this will save you the trouble of carrying multiple socks, underwear, and t-shirts. 


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